Reference Applicant Application Date Proposal Shropshire Council Decisionsort descending
19/04426/DIS Mr Andrew Beeston 4th October 2019 Discharge of Conditions 5 (Habitat Management Plan), 8 (Landscape Schedule) and... Pending Consideration
18/02374/REM Mr & Mrs J Pittam 25th May 2018 Reserved matters pursuant to outline permission ref: 15/01387/OUT for the... Pending Consideration
19/04415/FUL Fletcher Homes (Shropshire) Ltd 4th October 2019 Full Planning Permission for alterations to the approved Public Open Space and... Pending Consideration
20/01762/VRA106 The Wrekin Housing Group Limited 7th May 2020 Variation of Section 106 Legal Obligation pursuant to NS/05/01103/VAR to allow... Pending Consideration
21/02768/OUT Mr John Tootell 2nd June 2021 Outline planning application (to include access) for the erection of up to 100... Pending Consideration
21/00221/FUL Mr M Minns 18th January 2021 Installation of 28 solar panels on roofslopes Pending Consideration
19/01341/DIS Beestons Property Services 22nd March 2019 Discharge of Conditions 4 (materials) and 5 (drainage) attached to planning... Pending Consideration
21/02883/FUL Mr G Williams 8th June 2021 Erection of a 2 storey dwelling and single storey garage following demolition... Pending Consideration
21/03341/DIS Mr And Mrs Roy Peate 6th July 2021 Discharge of Conditios 3 (External materials), 5 (Roof details), 6 (Walling... Pending Consideration
20/01156/FUL Dulson Ltd 24th September 2020 Erection of three storey (4 floors) building comprising mixed development of 39... Pending Consideration



All planning applications can be viewed online on the Shropshire Council Planning Website. Open the site and type in the application number and you can view the application and proposed plans.

Planning applications within the Parish borders and to be dealt with by the Council are located on the left of this page.  

For pre application advice please see the Town Council's protocol - Pre Application Protocol