Wem Economic Forum


Wem Economic Forum is a joint initiative between Wem Town Council, Wem Rural Parish Council, Shropshire Council, local businesses and local community groups.

Mission Statement

Wem Economic Forum will provide a platform for likeminded organisations to work together to deliver a successful, prosperous, safe and healthy community, which offers a good quality of life to its people.


Its Purpose

  • To strengthen the economic base of the area.
  • To improve the area’s ability to compete for trade and investment.
  • To provide a focus for the economic and social regeneration of the area

Terms of reference

Economic Development Plan


The forum now has its own website where meeting details along with other financial information can be found





This consultation exercise was organised in Spring 2018 by Wem Economic Forum to prioritise schemes for consideration by Wem Town Council and Shropshire Council through the Road Safety Policy

Consultation results

Detailed below are the consultation diagrams -















Project Summaries

Consultation Response Form