Local Plan Review

Shropshire Council is undertaking a review of its local plan.

The Shropshire Local Plan currently comprises the Core Strategy (adopted 2011) and the Site Allocations and Management of Development (SAMDev) Plan (adopted 2015), together with the adopted Neighbourhood Plans for Much Wenlock and Shifnal. These documents set out proposals for the use of land and policies to guide future development in order to help to deliver sustainable growth in Shropshire for the period up to 2026.

Local Planning Authorities are required to keep under review any matters that may affect the development of its area. Shropshire Council has determined to undertake a Local Plan Review in order to allow the consideration of updated information on development needs within the Country; reflect changes to national policy and our local strategies; to extend the Plan period to 2036; and to provide a plan which will help to support growth and maintain local control over planning decisions during the period to 2036.  Maintaining an up to date Local Plan will support local growth by generating certainty for investment in local development and infrastructure through a policy framework that establishes an up to date and objective assessment of development needs and supports sustainable development in Shropshire during the period to 2036.

In order to do this Shropshire Council  is consulting with local communities with a document that  

  1. Sets out the preferred scale of housing and employment development in Shropshire 2016-36;
  2. Sets out the preferred distribution of this growth;
  3. Identifies housing and employment growth guidelines for the strategic centre and each principal and key centre;
  4. Confirms the methodology which Shropshire Council proposes to adopt to identify a settlement hierarchy in Shropshire;
  5. Lists the settlements which form part of this hierarchy, including those that will, in future, be identified as Community Hubs and those that will be maintained as Community Clusters;
  6. Proposes draft policies for the management of development within Community Hubs and Community Clusters; and
  7. Identifies other development requirements which may need to be addressed as part of the Local Plan Review

Preferred Sites Proposals for Wem

Shropshire Council is proposing the following for Wem Area 

Public Drop in

Wem Town Council wants to hear your views on the sites put forward for development by Shropshire Council and will be holding a drop in session on

Monday 14th January between 14.00 and 20.00 in the Roden Suite, Edinburgh House, New Street, Wem SY4 5DB

This will provide residents with the opportunity to talk to Town Councillors about the proposed development sites.

A meeting of the Town Council's Planning and Transport Committee will then be held on Tuesday 22nd January in the Roden Suite, Edinburgh House, New Street, Wem at 19.00 for the Town Council to decide its response to the proposed development sites.

All meetings are open to the press and public.