Love Lane Cemetry





1. The Fees and Payments below apply where the person to be interred was, a resident of Wem Urban Parish or was a resident of Wem Urban Parish immediately prior to entering a hospital, hospice, nursing home or other care arrangement outside of Wem Urban Parish. The fees for the burial of persons who do not qualify as residents will be doubled.

2.The Funeral Director will always be responsible for arranging the digging of graves (in accordance with national guidelines) and for the payment of the officiating Clergy.  No charge for either of these items will appear on Council invoices.

3.The Council has declared its intention to maintain the Burial Ground as a LAWN CEMETERY to facilitate maintenance and to keep down costs. For this reason the erection of headstones (not exceeding 3’ 6” in height) will be allowed and one small moveable ornamental vase (not exceeding 8” high, 8” deep, 8” wide on a base no larger than 10” square) will also be permitted, but rails, kerbs, slabs, gravel and other adornments will not be allowed.  Similarly, after the subsidence period has elapsed no mounding of soil on the graves will be permitted.

4.Persons wishing to erect headstones on graves should first consult the Clerk of the Council regarding the Council’s conditions regulating the erection of monuments and the Council’s written approval must be obtained before proceeding.


Plot Purchase and Interment Fees





A child under the age of 1 month at death


A child older than 1 month but under the age of the age of 18 at death


Plot purchase under age of 18


Interment Fee under age of 18


* costs will be recovered from the Children's Funeral Fund




Purchase of plot for persons exceeding 18 years at death


Interment fee (for each interment over 18 years of age)


Interment of ashes in existing grave




Memorial Fee for the erection of a Headstone



To a height not exceeding 3 feet


In excess of 3 feet but not exceeding 3ft 6inches high           


Additional Inscription         


Transfer of Exclusive Right of Burial


Renewal of Exclusive Right of Burial prior to expiration



For a period not exceeding 25 years from the date of expiration of existing rights                                                      

Half plot purchase fee at time of renewal


The above charges were approved at a meeting of the Town Council held on 21 January 2021 and authorised to take effect from 1 April 2021.



The Town Council has resolved to maintain the Love Lane Cemetery as a lawned cemetery.

The Town Council has decided to maintain a lawn cemetery because it considers it the only way to ensure the grave spaces are maintained in a clean and tidy condition at a reasonable cost in the future. 

Your attention is drawn to the following –
1.The general law of management of local authorities cemeteries is contained in the Local Authorities Cemeteries Order 1977.

2.No mounding is permitted.  Soon after interment grave spaces will be levelled and grass seeded.  The Council’s employee will keep the grass short.

3.One headstone and one movable vase no larger than 8" high, 8" deep, 8" wide on a base no larger than 10" square will be permitted for each grave.  No other adornment such as rails or kerbs and no gravel will be allowed.

4.Persons wishing to erect headstones on graves should first obtain written permission from the Town Council before proceeding.  In practice your chosen stonemason usually submits an application to the Town Council for approval on your behalf.

5.Headstones may be erected on a narrow concrete base provided that such a base is sunk just below the surrounding ground so that it will not foul the Council’s grass cutting machine.