Street Lighting


Streetlights in Wem are owned by both Shropshire Council and Wem Town Council. All lamp coloumns are numbered and Shropshire Council owned lights have a prefix of z before the number.

If in doubt of who is responsible for a particular light please ring the office as the staff will be happy to forward reports to Shropshire Council on your behalf


Wem Town Council - Street Lighting Maintenance

A request to residents

As you may be aware the Town Council is responsible
for the maintenance of some of the street lighting in Wem.
In the past, during the winter months the Town Council has paid its contractor to undertake
a fortnightly night patrol to identify faulty street lights.  In an effort to reduce costs the Town Council has now changed its maintenance contract to a 'report only' contract and has discontinued the night patrols.
It would therefore be appreciated if residents would kindly report any faulty street lights to
the Town Council so that they can be reported as soon as possible.
Faults should be reported by telephone 01939 232733 or email and it would be helpful if the column number (which can be found painted on the individual columns) is given to identify it.
Mrs P O'Hagan, Town Clerk
Wem Town Council
Edinburgh House, New Street, Wem, SY4 5DB
Tel 01939 232733 email
Thank you for your assistance

Part Night Lighting

 Shropshire Council have chagned their lights to part night lighting

Part night lighting is where streetlights switch on at dusk and remain alight until around midnight, when they switch off. They then switch on again at around 5.30am and remain alight until dawn. However the timing of the switch on can vary due to the time of the year.

For more information please follow this link