Committee Details

Contact details of all the Town Councillors can be found in this section, please select from the options on the left.

The Register of Interests for each individual councillor can be viewed by visiting Shropshire Council's website here


Committee membership 2017-2018




Finance & Corporate Gov.


Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Cllrs Murray, Moyse, Dodd, Dee, Granger.


Amenities and Services.

(7 + 2 co-opted)

Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Cllrs Meakin, Broomhall,  Johnson, Nash.


Planning & Transport. (7)

Mayor, Deputy Mayor Cllrs Moyse, Meakin, Broomhill. Johnson, Nash.


Wem Swimming and Lifestyle Centre Liaison Group.


Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Cllrs White, Murray.

(Cllr Broomhall reserve).

Wem Town Hall Liaison Group.


Cllrs Dee, Dodd, Granger, Broomhall, Towers.

Events Liaison Group.

Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Cllrs Moyse, Shingler, Granger, White.


Verification Committee.

Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Cllrs Dee, Granger.


WSSA Constitution

Cllrs Mellings, Cllr Granger, Murray, Dodd.


Transfer of Services

Cllr Broomhall, Towers, Mellings, Dodd.



Town Council representatives to outside bodies




Wem S&LC Ltd.

Cllr Towers.


Council of WSSA.                      

Cllr Mellings, Cllr Towers.


Wem Youth Centre.

Cllr White.


Parish Emergency Advisor.

Cllr Moyse.


Wem Scouts HQ Committee.

Cllr Dee.


Wem Economic Forum.

Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Cllr Granger, Clerk.


RAF Shawbury Liaison Group.

Cllr Moyse (Cllr Granger reserve).


North Shropshire Tourism.



Local Joint Committee.

Cllr Towers, reserve Cllr Dodd.


Wem Christmas Festival.          

Cllr White, Cllr Broomhall.


Friends of Whitchurch Rd Cemetery


Cllr Dodd, Cllr Towers.

War Memorial Group.

Cllr Nash , Cllr Granger, Cllr Mellings.


Shropshire Association of Local Councils


Cllr Granger, Cllr Dodd.

Wem Town Hall Trustee

Cllr Dodd.


The Town Clerk is Mrs P O'Hagan, she can be contacted by email or by telephone 01939 232733 and works Monday to Friday.