Planning Application

Land Adj To Oaklands Edstaston Wem Shrewsbury Shropshire SY4 5RF United Kingdom
Airband proposes to install a steel lattice structure. Following some shallow trench work with a mini digger, a steel base grillage will be installed at the location and secured via a concrete plinth. The mast will then be lowered onto the base with a crane and secured with metal feet and secure bolting. Our structure (and its radio equipment) will be appropriately earthed with use of an earthing mat, which will be bonded and incorporated into the base grillage itself. Our structure will be equipped with extensive lightening protection. A lightening finial will be secured at the top of the structure and a copper earthing strip will travel from the finial, down to the base of the structure and underground until appropriately earthed. An access ladder and latch way will run vertically up the length of the structure for safe engineer access and anti-climb measures will be installed. One large green metal electrics cabinet will be installed to house our meters, cabling, networking and other ancillary equipment. The cabinet will be secured onto a concrete pad. Our structure and its ancillary equipment will be entirely enclosed by a wooden fence. We will also be installing 4 backhaul radios and 4 sectors - please see attached SH224 Elevation Drawing.
Shropshire Council Decision: 
Awaiting decision
Application Date: 
Monday, 23rd October 2017 01:00am


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