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Shropshire, UK

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The Story of Wem


The Story of Wem - Revised Edition 


Mr John Dromgool, author of new chapter XIV "Shaping up to the 21st Century"of the Story of Wem writes in the chapter preface "I have to confess that when Wem Town Council asked me yet again to write an additional chapter to Iris Woodward's original book, I felt rather like a scared rabbit caught in a car's headlights! Iris herself "agreed with some diffidence"  when she was asked to update her original story.
I now know how she felt.

It was rather against my better judgement that I accepted the latest invitation. After all, I had long since retired from my job as a local journalist and felt out of touch with the kind of information needed for any new chapter. Also, it was against a background of a fast changing world with masses of new technology like the internet ("The Super Highway") and a new mainly (incomprehensible?) language of its own - helpful in most respects, frightening in some.

I am grateful to a small group of friends for taking a "preview" look at my manuscript
and for their helpful observations and suggestions.

Have I succeeded in adding some essential facts to the the original story and the previous chapter? If I have I am pleased. If I haven't then I apologise, but the answer, whether in the affirmative or not,
really lies with the reader.
Whatever the verdict - happy reading.

The revised edition of the Story of Wem is available from
Wem Book Shop
81 High Street, Wem, Shropshire, SY4 5DR
Telephone 01939 234377
and from
Wem Town Council
Edinburgh House, New Street, Wem, Shropshire, SY4 5DB
Telephone 01939 232733.

Also available from Wem Library

The Story of Wem Revised edition is priced at £10 

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