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Shropshire, UK

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Plastic Bottle Banks will be installed on Monday 9 July 2012 for the use of the public
located in the recycling area of the Co-op Car Park, Wem



Shropshire Council is working in partnership with Batteryback, the national battery producer compliance scheme, to offer a number of new battery cell recycling points at council and community sites across Shropshire. 

The aim is to help to reduce the amount of batteries that end up in landfill sites and also provide a convenient drop-off point for people to recycle batteries free  of charge. The service is being provided at no cost to the council.

Specially marked recycle bins have now been sited at

Shropshire Council Customer Service Point
Edinburgh House
New Street

It is estimated that the average British household gets through 21 batteries each year. This means that within the Shropshire Council area alone around 2,700,000 individual batteries (or over 90 tonnes) of batteries are discarded every single year.

The top five items people use single use batteries for are alarm clocks, remote controls, smoke alarms, torches and calculators. All of these batteries can be recycled

For further information go to

Shropshire residents to be able to recycle household batteries
on recycling day

It will soon be even easier for residents in the Shropshire Council area to recycle their old batteries, when Veolia, the council’s waste contractor, launches a kerbside battery collection service.

From the last week in July 2015, residents can put their household batteries out for collection on their usual recycling day. Batteries should be placed in a clear plastic bag and left where the collection crews can easily see them.

Speaking about the new service, Steve Mitchell, Director for Veolia, said:

“Over 600 million batteries are used each year in the UK and approximately 36,000 tonnes of batteries are sold each year. Battery recycling helps keep toxic metals such as cadmium and lead out of the environment. It also saves new materials being mined.”

Steve Charmley, Shropshire Council’s Cabinet member responsible
for waste management, said:

“We are delighted to be able to offer this new service to residents, and hope
it will be well received and lead to a significant increase in the numer of batteries that
are recycled rather than thrown in the bin.”



No Cardboard to go in garden waste bins or sacks

Recent changes to national composting regulations mean that any compost produced across the UK must now be of a much higher quality. The new rules mean that compost can no longer contain cardboard because the inks, dyes and coatings on cardboard may contaminate the compost. Compost producers will no longer accept garden waste and cardboard that is mixed together. This means, regrettably, that Shropshire Council will no longer be able to collect cardboard for composting.

To inform householders of this change, a leaflet will be put under the lids of all rubbish bins from the 31 October 2011. A permanent sticker will then be put on garden waste bin lids to act as a reminder to residents not to put cardboard in.

Residents will no longer be able to put cardboard in their garden waste bin (or sack)
from Monday 28 November 2011.

Shropshire ask householders to continue to recycle their cardboard by taking it, if they are able, to their nearest Household Recycling Centre. Otherwise Shropshire Council advise householders to put their cardboard waste in their rubbish bin.

Veolia are also looking for suitable sites around the county to place approximately 20 bring banks for cardboard.

If cardboard is in green waste bins (or sacks) after 28 November Veolia will not be able to empty it. After this date, if cardboard is mixed in, entire loads of garden waste would be rejected at the composting facility and it would then have to be sent to landfill.

Shropshire Council are working with Veolia to find new practical and cost effective ways of collecting cardboard in the future to make sure that they contine to recycle as much of our waste as possible.



Kitchen Caddies and Liners

In a bid to encourage the recycling of food waste, Shropshire Council has recently made available to the public, kitchen caddies and liners to make recycling food waste cleaner and easier.

All types of food waste have been accepted in the garden waste collection service in the former North Shropshire District Council area since the start of the alternate week collection system.  However, evidence suggests that few households put food waste in with their garden waste.

The kitchen caddies and liners are specifically designed to enable households to recycle their food waste cleanly, easily and hygienically.  The liners have handles that can be tied and are made from corn starch that is fully compostable and biodegradable.

Households in the former North Shropshire District Council area can put their food waste in with their garden waste collection, regardless of whether they have a wheelie bin or sack based service.  The food waste can be put in loose, wrapped in a few sheets of newspaper or within the compostable liners. 

All types of food waste can be recycled including; cooked and uncooked food, meat and fish, fruit and vegetables, bread, cakes and pastries, rice, pasta and beans, loose tea, tea bags and coffee grounds. 

The mixed garden and food waste is collected for enclosed composting where it is treated at high temperature to ensure it is sterile and safe to use in agriculture and horticulture.

A kitchen caddy costs just £3.50 and a roll of compostable liners costs £3.99 for a roll of 52.  The caddies and liners are available now from the council’s Customer First Points at;

Ellesmere Library

49 Cheshire Street, Market Drayton

Edinburgh House, Wem

The Heritage Centre, Whitchurch

Councillor Mike Owen, Shropshire Council’s Cabinet Member with responsibility for waste management and recycling, said  Households in the UK throw away around 7 million Tonnes of food waste every year and Shropshire Council has been at the forefront of the ‘Love Food Hate Waste’ campaign to reduce this.  However there is always some unavoidable food waste and the new kitchen caddies and liners will make it easier and cleaner for households to recycle the unavoidable food waste with their garden waste, helping to make good quality compost.


Residents asked to ‘recycle one more thing’ to mark National Recycle Week

With National Recycle Week upon us once again this week (22 to 28 June 2015)
residents across Shropshire  are being encouraged to recycle “one more thing”
to mark the occasion.

The annual week-long national campaign is being supported by Shropshire Council, Telford & Wrekin Council and their contractors Veolia. The campaign aims to raise awareness of items that can be recycled and to encourage people to “recycle one more thing”.

During the week Veolia will be giving away free cotton ‘recycle around the home’ bags to encourage residents to recycle more items at home.

Cat Slaytor, Communications Manager with Veolia, said:

“We all love recycling but some items can easily be missed. Things like empty perfume bottles or deodorant cans, bathroom sprays or shampoo bottles that you’ve forgotten to put in with your other items. That’s why we are giving away these free cotton recycling bags. It’s a great way to collect all your upstairs recyclables in one place, ready to carry downstairs in time for collection day”.

During the week, residents can come and ‘bag’ a free cotton bag at the following venues – and talk to a recycling champion who will be able to answer all their recycling queries.

Monday 22 June:

Shrewsbury Square 9am – 3pm

Southwater, Telford 10.30am – 12.00 noon

Wednesday 24 June:

Oswestry Market 9am – 3pm

Southwater, Telford 10.30am – 12.00 noon

Friday 26 June:

Bridgnorth Market 9am – 3pm

Southwater, Telford 10.30am – 12.00 noon



Shropshire wide - Charity Recycling Prize Campaign from Veolia

Veolia is funding a prize ‘give to charity’ campaign to encourage Shropshire residents to recycle correctly.  The campaign is being promoted from Monday 5th October.  During the following two weeks all Shropshire households will receive a flyer (example attached) either under the lid of their wheelie bin or put through their letterbox  and the campaign will be promoted through various media including livery on collection vehicles.  The campaign will run for 12 months.  

It is hoped this incentive based campaign will raise awareness of recycling generally but also encourage residents to recycle correctly.  It is an opportunity for Veolia to thank residents for taking part in the recycling service and for separating correctly their waste for recycling.  The campaign will also provide for charities operating in Shropshire to receive cash donations from winning residents.

Each month, one property in each of the 5 former district council areas that has recycled all their materials correctly, e.g. with no contamination will receive a winning ticket (example attached).  The recipient will then be able to donate £100 to the charity of their choice provided the charity operates within Shropshire.  The recipient of the winning ticket does not receive any financial benefit and must donate to a charity.

The principles of the campaign and artwork have previously been agreed by the Waste Management Strategic Communications Group.  It is recognised that for Veolia to identify winning recipients, a check of their recycling containers is necessary, this is routinely done anyway for quality control purposes.

Veolia is running the campaign and meeting all campaign, including prize money, costs.


Christmas Recycling & Waste Collections 2015

Day change reminder
The day of the week your waste and recycling is collected will change over the
Christmas period. 
These changes start the weekend before Christmas and end on Saturday 2 January.
Most collections will be before your usual day of collection
and one will be later than usual.

Please see details of revised collection days below under related files

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